Fleet Services


Daily Vehicle Rental

  • Over forty vehicles to use on a short-term basis for official University business.
  • Reserve vehicles by logging into http://rspace.ucr.edu and accessing the Fleet Services Work Order System or by calling extension 2-2277.
  • All are equipped with air conditioning.
  • Most have cruise control and AM/FM stereo.

Long Term Rental

  • Provides over 350 vehicles to departments on a long-term basis.
  • We purchase, maintain, and track permanently assigned vehicles.
  • There are use restrictions and sometimes special preparation is required.

Gasoline/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Sales

  • Sells fuel to any department with a University fuel card.
  • Typically sold below market price.
  • Motor oil and automatic transmission fluid are also available at reduced prices.

Vehicle Repairs

  • Repair all specialty vehicles owned by departments.
  • Available to UC-owned vehicles only.

Billing Inquiries

  • Accepts payment via Full Accounting Unit (FAU).
  • FAU for services are billed electronically at the end of each month.
  • Electronic FAU system eliminates tedious paperwork.
  • Monthly statement provides accurate, timely and complete information.

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Fleet Services
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